Halloween – Monster party or a traditional festival?

Halloween 2019 is soon approaching. Here you can learn of it’s origins, prepare for the monster party of the year and get a generous discount on jewelry.

Halloween and it’s origins in Celtic history.

Around 2000 years ago, Celtic people in Ireland were celebrating what was then known as Samhain (sow-in). The 31st of October was traditionally the last night of summer and the next day, November 1st being New Year’s Day in the ancient calendar.

The common belief was that as the night falls, all ghosts and spirits roamed the earth for the approach of winter. It was a time when large bonfires made from the bones of slaughtered animals were lit and people disguised themselves in costumes so as not to be recognized by evil spirits. House fires were extinguished and were only started again from the flames of the bonfire. Perhaps the fires symbolized an attempt to help the sun on it’s journey across the skies. As the sun’s strength declined and gave way to the underworld, ghosts and fairies were believed to roam the earth.

In addition, large banquets were prepared for both the living and the dead. However, as the latter were incapable of eating it, the leftover food was given to the poor.

The adoption of Halloween by Christianity

In the eighth century the leader of the catholic church declared that the christian festival of All Saints Day would be moved from May 13th to November 1st. The evening before became known as “All Hallows Eve” and soon incorporated many of the ancient Celtic traditions.

The potato famine during the 19th century caused mass emigration of Irish people to America who took many of their old traditions with them. Since then, Halloween as it is now called, is one of the major holidays of the American calendar.


The practice of Trick or Treat originates from medieval Britain when people used to leave offerings of food for the ghosts and go to bed early in order to avoid them. If this was not done it was believed that the ghosts would bring bad luck upon the household.

Nowadays children dress up in costumes and go door to door asking for sweets or money. If the householder does not participate they should expect some minor prank to be carried out against them.

Halloween has lost much of it’s superstitious and spiritual meaning in recent times and has been heavily commercialized, to become a major event in the holiday calendar.

Halloween parties and parades

Wherever you live it’s now hard to avoid parties and parades in honor of Halloween. People dressing up and playing games which are based on ancient traditions are commonplace in many countries.

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