Toe Rings for fantastic feet this summer at Ringmania

In the United States and many other countries in Europe, Toe Rings are a modern fashion accessory. However, they have been used in India for centuries to symbolize marriage. Even some men wear them as a sign of strength or masculinity. Toe rings are called bichiya in Hindi and worn in pairs as wedding rings on the second toe of each foot. Although in Hindu culture, gold should not be worn below the waist, the practice is not strictly enforced. Silver is preferred as a toe ring but gold and diamonds can commonly be seen worn on the feet of Indian women. Some bichiya sets are comprised of up to four pairs. These are worn on each toe, apart from the smallest and never removed as an indication of marriage.

The toe ring as a fashion accessory

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In the early 1970s an entrepreneurial traveler called Marjorie Borell introduced the idea of wearing rings on the feet. Following a trip to India, she began manufacturing and selling them in New York. Her first retail outlet was the popular fashion company, Fiorucci and others followed including Bloomingdale’s department store.

Since then this small fashion accessory has been popular across the world whenever it’s warm enough to wear summer sandals or to just to wander around barefoot.

Toe Rings available in gold and sterling silver.

Dolphin toe ringWhatever your preference, you will find a Toe Ring to satisfy your wishes here at Ringmania. Check out some of the examples featured below. All toe rings have an open back and are adjustable to fit almost any size

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