Sapphire – The September Birthstone at Ringmania

If your birthday happens to fall in September then you are lucky to have the Sapphire as your birthstone. The September birthstone is most commonly blue. However, natural sapphires can also be found in yellow, purple, orange and green. It is a form of the mineral corundum.
Sapphire - The September Birthstone

The history of Sapphire

The sapphire was known as the gem of Apollo and used by the Etruscan civilization in ancient Italy around 2700 years ago to represent purity of the soul. Also worn by priests in the Middle Ages as protection from desires of the flesh. The gem has also been used to deter snakes and thoughts of envy among kings. In addition the sapphire was given as a necklace to young warriors wives in order to prevent adultery. It was believed that in the event of a wife being unfaithful, the stone would darken.

In the 13th century French people believed that the stone could change stupidity to wisdom or irritability to good temper.

Australia and Madagascar are the main sources of the September birthstone although Kashmir in India, Sri Lanka, Burma and Montana (USA) have also provided a good supply in the past.

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