Ruby – The July Birthstone

Considered the “King of Gems”, the July birthstone which represents love, wisdom and health is the Ruby.

In addition, the Ruby is the most valuable gemstone based on its quality and colour. It is also believed that a Ruby will bring good fortune to the wearer.

Ruby - The July Birthstone

The history of the ruby

Due to it’s vibrant red colour, the ruby is associated with our most intense emotions, love and anger. This gemstone was once treasured for it’s similarity to the colour of blood and ancient cultures believed that it held the power of life itself. Ancient Hindus believed that they would be reborn as emperors if they offered rubies to the god Krishna.

Other cultures in India believed that owning rubies would help them to live in peace with their enemies. In Burma, warriors implanted the stones under their skin in the belief that they were invincible.

The name Ruby is derived from the Latin word, Ruber which simply means “Red”

It has been classed as the most precious stone and has been one of the most sought after gems among royalty around the world.

Even today the ruby maintains it’s reputation as a symbol of love and power and is the perfect romantic gift for a loved one.

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Properties of the July Birthstone

Like many other birthstones, the ruby is considered to possess some magical properties.

It is alledged to encourage passion and a zest for life. It can encourage joy and courage, positive thinking and even stimulation of the pineal gland. It has also been claimed to detoxify the blood and treat infectious diseases. Centuries of myth and folklore have created these beliefs, however there is no doubt that a ruby is something very special and one of these gems is definitely a worthwhile addition to any jewellery collection.

Rings set with Rubies

Ruby ring- The July BirthstoneThe ruby has been used in the manufacture of rings and other jewellery ever since it was first discovered in Burma around 2000 years ago. Not only gifted as a Birthstone it is used for many other special occasions such as engagement, wedding anniversary etc.

As it is the July Birthstone we are concerned with here we have included links to some great ruby rings to purchase online for your loved one whose birthday falls in July.

Of course it doesn’t have to be a birthday to buy such a special gift and rubies are a perfect gift idea for any occasion or time of year.

Please check some of the examples on this page by simply clicking on the photos.

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