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Rings of every style and for any occasion are available to browse and buy online at Ringmania via our affiliates. First of all, please check out some of the categories that are featured on this site. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of products and we are constantly adding new/different items as they become available. In addition, please bookmark Ringmania and add to your favorite websites so you can browse at your leisure and keep up to date with the latest trends.

Cheap Rings and Costume Jewellery

Fashion rings at bonanzaThere is always a great demand for cheap rings and costume jewellery. Whether you just want something to look cool on your finger to impress your friends or to wear at a party/event, you can find it all at Ringmania. Because fashion rings are so popular, here is a good selection of highly affordable rings available starting at the cheapest prices. In contrast, more expensive costume jewellery which is suitable for stage productions, movies etc. is also available.

Check Bonanza for a huge selection of affordable fashion rings.

Armour rings
Armour rings at Amazon UK

Sterling Silver Rings

Buy large silver rings at Ringmania
Buy large silver rings at Ringmania

Likewise, among the most popular products that we have ever sold are Sterling Silver Rings. Sterling Silver is a great material for the production of any jewellery and has been used to create fashionable designs for centuries.

Most Sterling Silver Jewellery is stamped with a 925 hallmark which indicates that it is made of at least 92.5% real silver. The other metals used in production may be copper, zinc or platinum which are added to the pure silver to increase it’s hardness and strength. Silver rings are sometimes plated with Rhodium which makes them even more hard-wearing and gives them a much brighter appearance.

Gold Rings

9ct Yellow Gold Whitby Jet Carved Shoulder Oval Signet Ring

Gold comes in many grades and colours. At Ringmania, you can find White, Yellow and Rose Gold rings available in 9,10,14,18 and 22 Karat.
24 Karat is the purest gold at 99.9% and has the best colour. However pure gold is very soft which makes it unsuitable for making intricate jewellery. Some Asian countries only use 24 Karat gold which is the purest kind available.

Karatage is the unit that denotes purity and can be expressed as karat or K. Some countries outside the US use a capital ‘C’, ‘carat’ or ‘ct’ which is incorrect. Although both words are pronounced the same, they have very different meanings. A Carat is a unit that denotes the weight of something and is particularly used to specify the weight of a diamond or other gemstone. 1 Carat=200mg. A Karat on the other hand, is used to indicate the volume of pure gold which is present in an alloy. 1 Karat equals 1/24 of pure gold content

Composition of gold used in the manufacture of jewellery

Other metals are commonly mixed with pure gold to create an alloy making the gold more durable. Common metals for making this alloy are Silver, Palladium, Copper and Zinc.
The standard percentage of gold used in the manufacture of rings and other jewellery is as follows:
22K=91.7% 18K=75% 14K=58.3% 10K=41.7% 9K=37.5%
9 Karat Gold is the most popular in the UK and also the least expensive. It is typically an alloy of 37.5% gold, 42.5% Silver and 20% Copper.
9 Karat White Gold contains 37.5% Gold and a much higher percentage of Silver and/or palladium than it’s standard yellow counterpart, giving it a much lighter colour.
Nine Carat Gold is used for most popular jewellery in much of Europe, due to it’s hard wearing properties and lower value.

In the US, anything under 14K cannot legally be classified as real gold.
The higher gold content of 18 and 22 Karat makes it suitable for more expensive rings. Engagement and wedding rings are normally created using a higher grade such as 18K. As these items are normally worn everyday, the higher gold content of these alloys is preferred and less likely to tarnish or cause skin irritation.
Rose Gold attains it’s distinctive colour by adding a larger percentage of copper to the gold alloy and is often found in the production of rings.
18K White Gold is a popular choice for wedding bands in the US.

Engagement Rings

Diamond Solitaire Ring 0.3 ct in 18ct Rose Gold
Diamond Solitaire Ring 0.3 ct in 18K Rose Gold

In most Western cultures, a ring is worn to indicate that the person is engaged and represents a formal agreement to a future marriage. The ring is worn on the third finger of the left hand and presented by the potential groom to his partner during or after a proposal of marriage. An engagement ring will normally feature diamonds and/or other gemstones on a mount of yellow or white gold. There is an unlimited choice available here to suit any budget.

Wedding RingsDiamond wedding rings

Sometimes called a Wedding Band these are worn to indicate that the wearer is formally married.
They are traditionally a plain band of 22 Karat gold and it is now common for both parties to exchange rings in a wedding ceremony. Check out a few examples of wedding rings for both men and women here.

Eternity Rings

9ct Yellow Gold 0.31ct Natural Ruby & 2pt Diamond Half Eternity Ring

Also refereed to as an infinity ring, these are worn by women as a symbol of never ending love and given to her by her spouse after at least one year of marriage. Traditionally, a gold band featuring equal diamonds around the entire circumference of the ring, they can sometimes be uncomfortable to wear. For this reason, half eternity rings are often used as an alternative and may contain a mix of other gemstones set only on the face of the ring.

Stone Set Rings

Sterling Silver Art Deco 1.20ct Black Spinel & Marcasite Ring

For general everyday use or for special occasions, there is a huge choice of dress rings featuring stones of every kind available at Ringmania.


Men’s Rings

Plain band silver rings

There are many designs available for the discerning man at Ringmania. A ring can be a perfect gift for your loved one at any time.  Silver and gold are always a good choice and are long lasting. For something a little different, there are other hard wearing metals used in the construction of rings. Common materials are stainless steel, cobalt and titanium.

Women’s Rings

silver rings stones sterling silver ring

Women have been wearing ornate rings and other jewellery for thousands of years as an expression of human culture. The variety is truly endless and there is no limit to the imagination when it comes to designing a unique or unusual ring. New designs are created daily and we will try to feature some of the most exclusive pieces here.

Children's ringsChildren’s Rings

When Ringmania started trading in the UK, 5the majority of our customers were children and young adults. It’s always great to see the excitement on their faces when they discover an item that they can use to appear more grown up. Rings are a perfect accessory for any girl or boy to assist in the growing up process. A favorite with boys are imitation sovereigns, skulls and other chunky designs to make them look more macho. Most girls on the other hand, prefer more delicate designs like imitation solitaire diamonds and copies of other adult items. There are many inexpensive choices on the market for all boys and girls and there is no need for them to feel left out.

Celtic Rings

Celtic ringsThe featured item is a Celtic Knot Ring made from Palladium Available from Allurez. Click on the photo for full details.




Thumb Rings at RingmaniaThumb Rings

The practice of wearing a ring on the thumb possibly originates from the practice of archery. A ring of leather or almost any other material was used to protect the thumb from the bowstring. Several decorative examples of thumb rings are included below Suitable for Men and Women


Dolphin Toe RingToe Rings

In India these have a customary function for married women. In recent years it has become fashionable in some western cultures for a woman to wear rings on her toes. Most common is the wearing of the ring on the second toe of either foot as a fashion accessory. These can be worn with sandals or bare feet and have no symbolic meaning.


Other Designs

Listed above are some of the most requested and popular products. However this selection is by no means intended to include every kind of ring that is currently available. Finally, please let us know if you think anything is missing by leaving a comment below. We will certainly follow up your request and add anything that we feel is relevant to Ringmania.


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I have been working in the fashion and jewellery industry since the mid 1970s when I started work in a seaside gift shop selling costume jewellery and fashion accessories. I worked for many years in the UK as a musician and electronics engineer and started my own business in 1995 as the owner of Ringmania.
After living in Phuket, Thailand for 15 years, I am now based in Sheffield UK since July 2019
Please contact me using the link below if you have any questions about Ringmania or any of our products/services.

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