Ring stuck on your finger?-Try the easy way to remove it.

Have you ever had a ring stuck on your finger when trying it on and found that you are unable to remove it?  This situation was a regular event when I was selling rings on markets, especially with kids and teenagers.

Ring stuck-how to remove it

Perhaps it was the excitement of trying the ring to see how it looked when worn or even lack of experience. I became very good at removing stuck rings from people’s fingers without using any lubricant, string, tape etc.

The most important thing when you have a ring that refuses to budge is to keep calm. There is no need to spit on or wet your finger.

When you originally put on the ring it may have been easy because the skin will stretch and does not bunch up as you slide it down onto your finger. However, when you move the ring in the opposite direction it will tend to stick to your skin. The area around your knuckle will become larger and prevent the ring from moving.

Get somebody to help

The best solution is to get help from another person nearby. Just ask them to hold your hand firmly on the joint before the ring with their thumb and forefinger. With their free hand, the assistant can then gently ease the ring over your knuckle and off your finger. This should not be too uncomfortable and you can use some soap or baby oil if you prefer.

I used this method regularly and found that it worked 100%. I never used soap, oil, water or any other additional devices to remove stuck rings.

This method is only intended to be used on the odd occasion if you are trying out a new ring.  It may not be suitable For rings that have been on your finger for a long period.

More ways to remove stubborn rings.

Sometimes, a ring can become stuck due to increase in weight or swelling of the finger joints. If your finger becomes very painful or turns blue, you should seek the help of a doctor immediately.

In many cases removing a ring can be carried out at home without seeking medical advice. A jeweller can also be trusted to remove a ring for you and this is the best option if you think you have tried everything else. Cutting the ring in order to remove it and resizing at a later date can be done in extreme cases.

Why is the ring stuck?

First of all you must consider why you cannot remove the ring. If you have been trying frantically to twist,turn and pull the ring off by force your finger may have swollen due to the struggle and frustration.

In this case, simply calm down, wait and try the method above.

You can also try holding your hand above your head for several minutes and/or soaking in cold water. There are many lubricants which you can try in order to help the removal process. Butter, baby, oil, vegetable oil, soap, petroleum jelly or even sexual lubricant can be used. However be careful not to use something which may damage the surface of the ring. Some liquids and detergents contain chemicals which can tarnish or even corrode some precious metals so check before use.

Another useful trick is to wrap dental floss or string around your finger from the nail downwards. Just slip the end under the ring which is stuck and try to pull it around the circumference until the ring has been manouvered over the knuckle.

Resizing your ring

Whatever the scenario, it’s best to remove your ring as soon as possible in order to avoid further problems. Once removed, do not try it on the same finger again and find out your correct ring size. If the ring that you had been wearing is now too small, it can be resized by a professional jeweller and you should hardly notice the difference.

This of course is only practical and economically viable if the ring is valuable or irreplaceable. For cheap rings, it might be better to look around for a new one.



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