Getting married without spending a small fortune. It’s easy with Ringmania

Getting married doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend a fortune. If you’re a little bit careful, you can always save money on your wedding. You can use it to improve your future with your new life partner.
Here is one way to save a considerable amount of money that could be used to buy something more practical.

Getting married on a budget with this 3 piece ring set for less than 150 US Dollars
Getting married on a budget with this 3 piece ring set available for less than 150 US Dollars

There’s really no need to lay out thousands of dollars on rings for you or your partner. In fact there are some great looking engagement and wedding rings available at Jeulia. Although they might at first look expensive, most are under two hundred dollars and made of sterling silver. Some are also gold plated for those who prefer the look of yellow gold.

Engagement Rings.

Getting married on a budgetGetting Married with this Gold Tone Vines Round Cut Sterling Silver Ring


There are some great choices to be made on Engagement rings if you shop around. Have a look at the range by Jeulia here. Some like those featured can be purchased for less than 100 US Dollars.


Why spend thousands of dollars on a ring for your partner?

The idea of spending up to two months salary on an engagement ring originated from a clever marketing campaign set up by De-Beers in the 1930s. Before that it was not usual to present a woman with a diamond ring. De-Beers linked diamonds with engagement, simply in order to sell more of their diamonds.

Wedding Rings and getting married the easy way.

How much you spend on a wedding ring is really up to you and your partner. It’s something that couples normally choose together and these days it is normal for both partners to wear a wedding ring. You should spend only what you can afford as you can never be sure of other expenses that may crop up after marriage. Don’t be brainwashed by advertising campaigns such as the one mentioned earlier. Instead, try to be practical and buy rings that not only look good, but will be durable and long lasting as should your marriage.

If you insist on buying something which is way out of your means, most jewellery suppliers will provide credit facilities which is often free of interest.

Getting married wit this Hollow Marquise Cut Sterling Silver Women's BandGetting married with this Black Titanium Steel Men's Band

White gold is a popular choice for wedding bands in the US. However, why not opt for a ring made of sterling silver. Not only does it look almost identical, it is just as durable and will cost a fraction of its gold counterpart. Titanium is also a popular choice with men as is a much more practical and inexpensive alternative to gold.
There are so many designs available, you will be spoiled for choice at Jeulia.

Of course there are many other ways to cut the cost of your special day but we will concentrate only on the business of supplying rings for the occasion. Unlimited money saving tips can be discovered with just a quick search on google.

If you are still not convinced and are still determined to go for “The Real Thing”, please refer to our Wedding bands at this site.

For some best selling and inexpensive Gold Wedding Rings, Check out check out The Online Jewellers.

For further reading on the De Beers story, BBC have an article online here.


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