Emerald – The May Birthstone

Emerald is the May birthstone and is considered a symbol of love, fertility and rebirth. Having the vivid green colour of spring, Emeralds have been found in Egyptian tombs and were thought to represent eternal youth. In fact queen Cleopatra herself was famous for frequently wearing this gemstone.
Emerald - The May Birthstone

Properties of Emerald

The most valuable examples of Emerald are a deep vivid green with a blueish hue. They are mined in Colombia, Zambia, Brazil and Afghanistan and are among the rarest gemstones. As with other coloured gemstones Emeralds are graded using basic parameters collectively known as The four Cs“. (cut, color, clarity and carat weight). Most are found with small imperfections called inclusions. However this is expected and does not significantly affect the value of the stone.

Myths and spiritual properties

Although the colour green is often associated with envy, the emerald itself is connected with wealth, healing and detoxification. It is believed to have spiritual healing effects and thought to provide a balance between the physical and the emotional. It is also alleged to bring wealth and luck to the wearer and in ancient times this gemstone was believed to protect virginity.

Even if you do not believe in the healing and mystical powers of the Emerald, the stone makes a great looking ring and a valuable addition to anyone’s jewellery collection.

Below you will find some of the great gift ideas available from our affiliates. Please take a look and treat yourself or a loved one to a fantastic piece of jewellery.

Finally, if you know anyone who happens to have a birthday in May, now is a great time to plan ahead.

May birthstone rings available at The Ringmania Online Ring Store

Listed below are some of the best current suppliers for Emerald rings in gold and silver. Click on the photos to view the full range on offer.



May Birthstone Emerald


Browse Gemondo’s selection of naturally green emerald rings including emerald engagement rings, fashion rings, stack rings and more in sterling silver and gold.

QP Jewellers

QP Emerald Ring

Mined in Brazil, rich and exotic Emeralds add a touch of elegance to the QP® Rings collection. Owning a piece of emerald jewellery is like possessing a unique piece of nature steeped in history – individual, untouched and inspirational.






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