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Celtic knot ring


The Triquetra

The Celtic Trinity Knot or Triquetra is a classic simple knot which was used to symbolize Trinity. Often used in wedding ceremonies as a symbol of eternal love, it’s the most well known among Celtic artwork. The Celts believed that everything comes in threes. Fire, Earth and Water or Earth, Sea and Sky are examples.

The Triquetra is also said to represent the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit but there is no historical evidence to support this.

In addition, the Triquetra symbol has also been discovered alongside solar and lunar symbols at some archaeological sites.

Likewise there are examples in the Book of Kells and artwork on Celtic crosses which has been found from the early Christian period. Here it was commonly used as a space filler as part of some very complicated designs.

You can read more about The Celts and their facinating history at our Celtic rings page.

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4 years ago

i need a new wedding band …lost mine after 27 yrs …r all yours Celtic orientated ?