Sterling Silver Rings-Something for everyone at Ringmania.

Ringmania has been sellingĀ sterling silver rings for many years. They have been one of the best sellers since our days on UK street markets in the 1990s. Many people believe that Sterling Silver is cheap and not the same as real silver. You can find out the reason for the confusion below.

Sterling silver rings

What is Sterling Silver?

We have been asked this question many times in the past and will explain here. Pure silver is a very soft metal and not very durable or hardwearing. For this reason it is unsuitable for producing long lasting items of jewellery. Therefore an alloy is produced by adding other metals such as copper and palladium to the silver element in order to provide strength. The percentage of silver added is still quite high at 92.5% and the remaining 7.5% is made up from the other metals. The resulting material is commonly known as Sterling silver and is much more durable and easier to work with than pure silver. The added strength makes sterling silver an ideal material for use in the manufacture of jewellery. Any finished rings that are offered for sale should be stamped with a 925 HallmarkĀ denoting the purity of the silver in parts of 1000 (92.5%).

Here is a selection of items that are currently available from our affiliates:

Plain Band Silver Rings

Plain band silver ringsIf you are looking for just a simple band to decorate your finger or even your thumb, these are for you. Featured here is a Sterling Silver Plain Band Wedding Ring. There are many other styles in all sizes available via Bonanza.



Decorative Rings

White Topaz Rennie Mackintosh Style Art Nouveau Ring
925 Sterling Silver 0.03ct White Topaz Rennie Mackintosh Style Art Nouveau Ring

Some nice intricate pieces here which will set off any outfit. See the full range at Gemondo

Celtic Rings in Sterling Silver

Triskele ring

The Celts have been involved in producing artwork for over three thousand years. Check out some of the fascinating history of the Celtic culture and see the most popular designs at our Celtic rings section.



Gemstone Rings

Blue Lace Agate Oval Ring
925 Sterling Silver 3.00ct Blue Lace Agate Oval Ring

Some very decorative Rings are available at the sites below. Here you will find a silver ring for everyday use or one to suit any grand occasion.


Ana Silver Company

Large Silver Rings

If you happen to have fingers that are larger than the majority of rings available on the High Street, you will no doubt be disappointed at the lack of availability on offer. Here we have listed a few products and suppliers that always stock rings above UK size Z

Check out the latest designs here.

Shop Online Now.


Browse the links above to discover a large selection of sterling silver rings from around the world. All products are available to purchase online via our affiliates. Some companies may offer free shipping to selected countries and all provide a great service.

Donā€™t forget to check your correct size before ordering.

Please leave a comment below if you have any requests or suggestions.

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I have been working in the fashion and jewellery industry since the mid 1970s when I started work in a seaside gift shop selling costume jewellery and fashion accessories. I worked for many years in the UK as a musician and electronics engineer and started my own business in 1995 as the owner of Ringmania.
After living in Phuket, Thailand for 15 years, I am now based in Sheffield UK since July 2019
Please contact me using the link below if you have any questions about Ringmania or any of our products/services.

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