About Ringmania | A brief introduction to a great online ring store.

Ringmania began as a small enterprise owned and managed by Malcolm Scott in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England.  It soon became successful at a time when other operations in the area were struggling.

The Early Years of Ringmania

Ringmania at Great Yarmouth Market 2005
Ringmania at Great Yarmouth Market 2005

The business was set up in 1995 by myself, Malcolm Scott initially trading on local markets in and around Great Yarmouth on the East coast of England. At first I was making earrings and other jewellery with my partner mostly from recycled glass beads. We acquired all our materials from craft fairs, car boot sales and secondhand markets.

Initially, I was unaware of how popular Ringmania would become and soon the business was taking up more time than I expected. I decided to quit both my jobs as an electronics engineer and musician to concentrate full time on my new enterprise. Gradually we introduced other products which we purchased from large wholesalers and soon, we no longer had time to create our own jewellery.

Fashion jewellery and discovering e-commerce

Working on markets was a great introduction to the world of fashion jewellery and e-commerce which was really unheard of in those days. I had worked as an apprentice for a local gift shop when I left school but soon became involved in other interests. Running my own jewellery business was more of a challenge and it was here that I discovered my customers requirements. Ringmania branched out into the world of hair accessories, sterling silver jewellery and the latest trend of body piercing jewellery.

We were probably the first in the small seaside town of Great Yarmouth to stock unusual items which are now commonplace in today’s fashion industry.

As a former engineer, I became interested in the internet and building websites. I had created a website for a band that I worked with for several years. This gave me the idea that I could also sell some of my products via mail order.

The first website

In 1999 I built my first website for Ringmania with a free program that I found online and hosted the site with Tripod. Although the site is now inactive, it can still be found online at http://ringmania.tripod.com
I felt that the image of the company would benefit from a more exclusive domain name without the ‘tripod’ extension. As the dot com domain was unavailable , I bought the co.uk domain in 2000.

I soon created and published a new site featuring all the products that were sold on the market stall. This helped the business a great deal as we also had a much more professional look. The website address www.ringmania.co.uk was now prominently displayed on various signs, flyers, carrier bags and other promotional material.

Both businesses were doing well but the website was starting to perform better than the markets.
The dot com name which had belonged to it’s previous owner in the US was no longer used and I managed to acquire it in 2002 via backorder from a company in The Netherlands.
Now I was hooked on trading online and imagined that I had all the tools that I needed to achieve online success.
I became quite proficient at promoting the business online and the site was soon ranking as one of the top fashion jewellery retailers in the UK.

The end of an era.

Giving up the markets was a hard decision which we eventually agreed on in 2005. It had been hard work and after 10 years trading, we both felt it was time to move on.
I had already relocated to Thailand in 2004 and was helping to run the business from there. However, it became clear that things would not quite go according to plan.
I returned to England with my new wife in 2005 and split the business 50/50 with my partner in the UK. We had a closing down sale to clear most of the existing stock and later that same year, I returned to Thailand to launch a new project in Phuket. Ringmania continued trading for a while but as the online competition grew, I failed to keep up with it.  Due to my own lack of participation, the site almost faded into non existence.

A new beginning

Consequently, this website has remained dormant for a long period until earlier this year 2018.
I have been busy looking after my son who is now 5 years old and only now do I have time to work on this site. While he attends school, my aim is to restore Ringmania to it’s former glory as a leading supplier of top quality products.

In addition as an attempt to remain focused, I have decided to include only rings at this site. It will no longer feature the huge selection of fashion jewellery and hair accessories that was sold in previous years. Good quality watches can still be found at ringmania.co.uk and some other Celtic jewellery at ringmania.ie

Affiliate marketing

The sister site, Hairmania will be re-opened at sometime in the future for the sale of hair accessories.
As I am still based in Thailand, I have now switched to affiliate marketing. This means that we no longer keep any items in stock. When you order products from this site, you are redirected to a third party supplier. This supplier will accept your order and ship your products from their country of origin.

Of course I don’t do this for nothing and I earn a small commission on every purchase. However this does not mean that you will be charged a higher price in order to cover this expense. You will pay the same whether you buy via this site or direct from the supplier. For more information on this please refer to the ‘Disclosure‘ page.

Ringmania today.

Ringmania has always been proud of it’s personal service and we believe that the customer should be able to get the product required with as little fuss as possible. We have tried to make shopping online at this site a simple and straightforward process. Please browse the various sections of this site and if you cannot find what it is you require or see any problems or missing information, leave a comment at the bottom of this page or contact us  via email.

Furthermore, please check out some of our affiliates for some great deals on gold and silver rings:

QP Jewellers

QP Jewellers stock a fantastic collection of gemstone Rings including Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and Diamond set Rings in both Gold and Silver. They sell some nice simple designs of classic solitaire engagement rings and cocktail rings as well as more sophisticated eternity rings. An impressive collection of diamonds and gems that are ethically sourced and finished to the highest standards can be found at the QP Jewellers’ website.
QP also offer a 100% Lifetime Warranty and a free repair or replacement service in addition to a full money back guarantee. All products are 100% natural and hallmarked by the Edinburgh Assay Office. Free insured delivery by DHL and FedEx Express to all destinations.
Payment is accepted by Visa and Mastercard and you can find full details at their website.


Since 2006, Gemondo have been sharing their passion for gemstones around the world from their base just outside of London, England. Their experienced craftsmen have designed and produced Gemondo’s rings with the customer in mind. Likewise, only the best quality natural gemstones are selected by Gemondo. These stones are then set in sterling silver or gold and hallmarked by the Sheffield Assay Office.
Gemondo’s team of experienced craftsman can cater for special orders if the customer requires a different size or unusual stone.

Customer services can easily be contacted by telephone or email in case of any query about a product or problem with your order.
Products include personalized birthstone rings which make a perfect gift for your special friends. Dispatch time is within 24 hours. A free Luxury Display Box is provided with all items which are sent well packaged to any destination.

Customers can return their order within 30 days for refund or replacement if not happy with it for any reason.
Check out the range of exquisite Rings at Gemondo today.


Now a familiar name on many British high streets F. Hinds was first established as a family business in 1856.
The company has been trading online since 1997 and is a reliable stockist of affordable engagement and wedding rings. Here you can find an extensive range of gold, silver and diamond rings. Check out the website here.

C. W. Sellors

C W Sellors are specialists in fine Jewellery and diamond engagement rings.
They also produce some great Rings featuring British gemstones, Whitby Jet and Derbyshire Blue John.
Interest free credit is available along with next day delivery, 30 day money back guarantee and a free gift wrapping service.
Established in 1979, C W Sellors have built up an outstanding reputation with the online store. At present they operate 16 shops across Northern England.
Additionally, they have a highly skilled team of in-house Jewellery designers who have produced some great products for the international market.
Shop for Rings at C W Sellors here.


If Pearls are your preference, then look no further than Edinburgh’s Ochira. Some beautiful rings here that will add a touch of glamour to your outfit.

The Jewel Hut

Another familiar name on many British high streets, T. H. Baker has built up an outstanding reputation for their quality of products and service as a leading independent jeweller. You can expect the same level of service from T. H. Baker’s sister company The Jewel Hut. Check out their range of engagement rings with the option of interest free credit.

Diamonds Factory

The place for diamonds has to be The Diamonds Factory. Some nice affordable rings here available in many designs and options.


Check out some of the fantastic looking rings that won’t cost you a fortune at Jeulia. Great deals on Engagement Rings, Bridal Sets and Wedding Bands for Men and Women including free 24 hour shipping.


For a vast range of rings of all shapes and sizes you should check out bonanza. Here, you will find rings of all styles and in  every material.


Kobelli was started in Los Angeles, CA. by Kobe Katz who followed his father in the diamond industry. Since then the company not only manufactures rings and other jewelry, but is also an importer of Diamonds from reputable sources. At their website you will find some great rings using Diamonds and many other gemstones.

A message from Malcolm Scott. Owner and Creator of Ringmania.

In conclusion, I hope you enjoy the quality of products and standard of service we offer at Ringmania.

I never forget my humble beginnings as a small market trader in England. Although I now reside in Thailand, I aim to continue providing the same quality of service as I have previously. Here, you can be sure of getting your products as fast and as simply as possible.

See recent updates at my Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages and please share anything that you like with your friends.

Finally, if you have any questions or need help with any problems, feel free to leave your comments below or send a message via the contact page here. I will always be happy to help whenever I can.

Best regards,

Malcolm Scott


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I have been working in the fashion and jewellery industry since the mid 1970s when I started work in a seaside gift shop selling costume jewellery and fashion accessories. I worked for many years in the UK as a musician and electronics engineer and started my own business in 1995 as the owner of Ringmania.
After living in Phuket, Thailand for 15 years, I am now based in Sheffield UK since July 2019
Please contact me using the link below if you have any questions about Ringmania or any of our products/services.

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Carlton ball
Carlton ball
5 years ago

Nice 1 Malcolm always share


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